Anton Kochenko
Anton Kochenko
Portrayed by

Paul Braunstein

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killed by Alex

Anton Kochenko formerly worked for Alex 's father Nikolai Udinov, described as a low-level thug.

In 2006, the night before Division attacks the Udinov estate, Kochenko was in league with Nikolai's right-hand man, Sergei Semak, to assassinate him. He was to open the back door. However, though the access codes had changed, Kochenko happened upon young Alex, listening to music that her fathers forbids. Kochenko blackmails her into giving the new code in exchange for not informing her father.

By 2011, Kochenko had because the overseas liaison for Zetrov. Oversight sought to oppose Zetrov's expansion and gave the mission to Alex, knowing that Semak would be forced to make more public appearances. Originally, the terrorist Ramon was suppose to take credit for the kill, but when Nikita outed him, Alex chose to kill Kochenko regardless.

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