Operation: Black Arrow took place during "Pilot". It was the first mission Nikita blew and it served as a graduation for Thom.


Assassination target was General Safwani. He is West African VIP scheduled to attend UN peace summit. His country is torn apart by civil war and his goal is to end this war and bring stability to the region. Unluckily for him, oil companies that are drilling in his country realize they would be kicked out of the country the second war is ended and for that reason they hire Division to eliminate General.


General was protected by three bodyguards in his room and one guard in lobby. Division classified this as a 4-men mission. Mission started at 17:00 in Wyckland hotel.

Agent 1 poured emetic into a glass of water belonging to lobby guard (called Gardiah). When he rushed to the bathroom, Thom in disguise of employee of the hotel offered him towel and used this distraction to anesthetize him. Agent 2 joined Tom in bathroom. Leader of General's security detail sent two remaining bodyguard to check him up.

In this moment is mission disrupted by Nikita. She attack Agent 2 an Thom and knocks them both out. She passes bodyguards in lobby and proceeds by elevator to General's suite. She kicks out the door, knocking out reaming bodyguard in the process and then uses Taser on General.

With General's body on push cart under a blanket she tries to exit hotel but meets Roan. He is however distracted by incoming bodyguard returning from bathroom and is forced to fight with them. He kills them, but that gives Nikita enough time to escape. He catches up him her in garage and fires few shots, but she manages to drive away with General and deliver him to UN when she reveals to him what happened.


Operation Black Arrow is failure and Nikita is no longer considered simple complication but threat on level 6.

Thom does not graduate, but he is not cancelled either.


Divison Team

General's Security Detail

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