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Brandon was a Division agent and a Guardian who guarded one of Percy's black boxes in London.

Season One

In "Into the Dark" Brandon was seen taking Regimen. Later he tried to kill Owen and Nikita by setting an explosion. He took his box from the bank in London. Owen looked suspicions to him, so he started to run. Nikita and Owen went after him.

Trying to shoot them Owen got close and the two engaged in a fight. Owen got a terrible headache because he was running low on regimen. Brandon tried to use this opportunity to kill Owen, but Nikita shot him in the shoulder. As Nikita got close he knocked her over and subdued her with a chokehold.  Owen recovered and engaged him again after a figth Owen threw Brandon into the Thames. He survived and got a message from Percy to eliminate Owen. Taking a team he  followed Owen into a church. Owen killed the team and the two ended up in a hand to hand fight. Brandon wanted his black box back, while Owen needed the blood of the Guardian to unlock the box. Owen managed to snap Brandon's neck with his legs.


Brandon was shown to be highly agile and fast. Using his martial arts skills he was able to quickly overpower Nikita even with a injured shoulder. He was able to keep up with Owen for a long time before he got his neck broken. 


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