Season 4, Episode 05
Episode 72
Air date December 20, 2013.
Written by Oliver Grigsby
Directed by Nick Copus

Bubble is the fifth episode of Season Four and the seventy-second episode overall.


NIKITA’S WORLD UNRAVELS ── Just as Nikita is finally starting to see an end to the long war with The Shop, Ryan confesses a secret that could unravel it all. Meanwhile, Michael tries to get Nikita to accept their new circumstances as he contemplates what comes next for the two of them. Realizing Sam was planning to steal her diamonds, Alex gives him a suitcase of fake diamonds to deliver to her contact in France. Alex is surprised when he upholds his end of the bargain and doesn’t take off with the jewels. However, things get messy when Sam is jumped by the loan shark he owes money to, and Alex must step in to save him.


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  • The title refers to the bubble Nikita is in. A bubble represents a lie Nikita believes in.
  • In this episode Michael's last name is revealed to be Bishop.
  • Ryan Fletcher dies in this episode.
    • This was the second time Nikita was at his death bed. The first being in episode "Clawback" only in that one, Division faked his death so they can have him look for patterns to take down Oversight.
  • "Club Besson" in this episode might had been a nod to Luc Besson, the creator of the 1990 french action film Nikita, the very same film that this series, Nikita is based on.
  • Although she's mentioned in the next episode, this would be the last appearance of Lyndie Greenwood portraying Sonya.

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