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Cyrus was one of the Dirty Thirty. His reason for not responding to the recall was that he was enjoying his life as an elite illegal arms dealer.


Cyrus was targeted by Nikita in order to track Amanda, who he supplied weapons to. It was revealed that during the entire time Nikita was rogue, Cyrus knew where she was and kept that information a secret. He stated that the reason he didn't reveal her location to Percy was because she was "doing the right thing" and that she reminded him of someone, his father.

Cyrus was kidnapped, tortured, and used as bait by Amanda. Nikita and Michael rescued him after which he was reinstated to Division and placed back into the field as an arms dealer. However, he is no longer permitted to conduct business with criminals.

Later in "High-Value Target," he returned to Division to help Nikita and what was left of Division to track down potiental buyers. He lead them to a G20 Summit in Canada. Nikita, Alex, and Michael went on that mission while a team of Navy seals captured Cyrus, Ryan, Birkoff, and Sonya. While Ryan was while under gunpoint coordinating the mission from Division Ops, Cyrus came up with a contingency plan wit Birkoff and Sonya. When something went wrong on the mission, the Seals were given an order to cancel them. They executed the contingency plan and escaped momentarly from the Seals and locked themselves in Birkoff's workspace where they continued to coordinate what would be Division's final mission.

Sam who was once known as Owen inadvertently helped them when he shot the black box after Amanda betrayed him. After Birkoff's contacts helped them give the proof to the President, she ordered the Seals to stand down. But just as Nikita and her people were celebrating their victory, they learned that Amanda had some new and dangerous allies.


  • He's one of three former members of The Dirty Thirty to lived and one of two who isn't a captured rogue.
    • He's also one of the last two remaining Dirty Thirty members still alive, other than The Watchman.

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