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Dana Winters is a former Guardian of Division.

Early Life

Like all Guardians she was a cleaner. Percy gave her a black box to guard. After some time, she met Deputy Charlie and the two started a relationship.

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In "Girl's Best Friend" Nikita tried to rob a bank just to see Dana. She followed her to her house where she discovered that Dana lives with Charlie and his son, Eddie. To gain information, Nikita and Michael pose as newlyweds that have just moved in around the corner. When Dana is confronted, she tells Nikita that she has stopped being a Guardian of the black box as to lead a safer life with her partner and step-son. She also gave her her blood sample so that Nikita can unlock the box. She left the town with Charlie and Eddie.

It is later revealed by Percy in "Betrayals", that he had made a deal beforehand with Dana to let her go lead her life, if she would play along to what he has planned. The Black Box given to Nikita is part of Percy's plot.


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