Dirty Thirty attack Division

The Dirty Thirty was a group of 30 Division agents who were declared rogue after failing to report in after the recall issued by New Division. Since New Division's mission was to clean up the mess created by the original Division, New Division was tasked with either capturing or killing all of these rogue agents.

The President of the United States promised a pardon to all agents that returned. However, the sincerity of this promise was questioned by many since that Division was an organization that "did not exist". Using that skepticism to her advantage, Amanda extended to the entire Dirty Thirty an invitation to join her cause. Ultimately though, the President did come through on her promise.

After the coup that Division Mutiny had staged was overthrown, Division was terminated. Therefore, there was no need to chase the 19 rogue agents that remained. However, it turned out that Amanda, with her new found wealth from the Invisible Hand, hired all 19 of them. She ordered them to kill Team Nikita, but they were all killed in the ensuing fight.

Cyrus was reinstated and is now free as Division was terminated, Sam Matthews was the last active rogue agent at the time of the termination, and it is unknown what became of the captured Watchman after the termination.


27 are dead. 3 are alive.

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