• Recruit - This is the first rank that a person can enter in service to division. While a person is a recruit their normal day will consist of training in , hand to hand combat, strength, agility, weapon use, demolition, etiquett, languages, technology and how to create a civilian cover after their graduation. Recruits will also be occasionally activated for missions to gain experience in the field. Most recruits graduate after about 2 or 3 years of training.g
  • Field Agent - This the stage that most recruits take after their graduation. Field agents most commonly go on missions. Field agents can also participate in the training or preparation of recruits or their first missions. While field agents are not on any missions they live normal civilian lives.
  • Tech - These are agents that have more technology talent than most others and were there fore chosen to run the day to day technology of Division. Techs also supervise missions from operations. They are also responsible for hacking any servers as well as security cameras and communicating with agents while on mission via bluetooths or coclear implants.
  • Guard - This is also another role that division recruits can take after graduating. Recruits that are chosen to be guards are known to show leadership qualities, as well as being able to control other recruits. Guards continue to stay inside division after their graduation to keep the recruits under control.
  • Reaper - Reapers are agents that kill without any remorse. They are the ones that cancel other division agents and they kill an agent's loved ones.
  • Cleaner - Cleaners are some of divisions most deadly agents, they are the ones who clean up kills made by division field agents. They can make the scen look like a robbery, or an accident, suicide or even murder. They also often more advanced hand to hand combat and weapon use training than ordinary field agents.
  • Guardian - A Guardian is a former cleaner who was promoted to protecting one of Percy's black boxes. Guardians are Divisions most deadly agents.