Emily Robinson
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  • Deceased (shot by Division Agent)

Emily Robinson was the girlfriend of Owen Elliot. Emily is a talented artist, crafting delicate glass butterflies, but really "only makes them for [herself]."

Season One

Nikita meets her under the guise of wanting to purchase some samples of her work for a boss in the art industry.

Nikita later returns to Emily's home, and asks Emily what Owen has told her about why he is on the news. Emily reminds Nikita of her dead fiancé. Emily denies that Owen is any sort of murderer, and insists he is a "landscaper", and a shy person. Emily wonders why anyone would want to kill him, and Nikita tells her that he has made several mistakes, starting with Emily.

Nikita explains to Emily that in Division you cannot have a significant other who is a civilian if you wish them to live, and tells her she can save Owen. Right before she delivers the box to Owen, Nikita calls Owen and tells him to come to Emily’s house. He shows up and Nikita tells him she wants to save him and Emily from Division. Nikita tells Owen that the block box contains evidence of all of the cases Division has dealt with. The black box is leverage for Percy and he is untouchable with that box.

Owen arrives at Emily's home later on to find Nikita there, who claims she is safe. Owen wants to know where Emily is, and Nikita tells him to destroy the black box he guarded. Division agents later kill Emily, predicting that Owen will arrive at her home to try and save her.

Owen sometimes mentions her in the episodes he is in, and is shown to have a picture of a butterfly (the samples Emily gave to Nikita were glass butterflies) on the wall of his London apartment so that he didn't forget why he was fighting Division.



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