Michael team

Michael and a team of agents known as an Alpha team.

Field Agent is the most common path for a graduated recruit to follow. From what we've seen it is also the most desired. Field agents are responsible for completing missions all over the world and in the country.

Field agents undertake usually at least two years of training in hand to hand combat,tactics, gun assembly, Infiltration, explosives, Technology, engineering, language, and how to blend in to the normal world. A normal day for a recruit will usually contain training in many of the above categories. Recruits will also under go many tests while in division. To graduate from recruit to field agent one must complete a mission, most often a kill mission. Failure often results in death unless the recruit is favored by Amanda or Percy for having potential. Or Nikita was their reason for failure.

Many field agents find it difficult to balance their civilian lives and their Agent lives. Several agents have become emotionally attached to civilians, which is not only dangerous for the civilian but also the agent. Prime examples of this are Alex and Nathan, and Nikita and Daniel. Nathan's current whereabouts and status are currently unknown. Daniel however was killed by Owen on a mission for Percy several years ago.

Field agents can follow many paths in their particular category. They can join an alpha team, a survey team, a strike team, or go under cover in other organizations. They could also become head of operations such as Michael has or train recruits like Michael and Wade before him.