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David Ferry

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Deceased (shot by Roan)



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Caroline (wife, deceased)

Gary was Nikita's abusive foster father. His wife, Caroline, died a few years ago. He was the reason she ran away and she started with drugs.

In "Pilot", Nikita pays him a visit knowing it will get her on Division's radar. Without hesitation she throws him over sofa on table and when he tries to grab her, she breaks his wrist.She is openly disdainful about how he let house go after Caroline's death and without more foster kids to do his housework.

Then she tells him about her life after she run away. Bad crowd, drugs, murder of policeman, death row and finally Division and Daniel. He is allowed to call authorities since Nikita wants Division know she was there. 

Michael and Roan visit Gary pretending to be FBI agents. He is angry and demands FBI to pay for damage Nikita caused. Michael wants to know more about her, if she was tired, ready to give up or semething out of the usual, but Gary isn't helpful and Roan shoots him in middle of sentence.

Nikita used Gary to send a message to Division: "It ends now". Even after elven years she hated Gary so much she did this altough she knew Division will kill Gary as observed by Roan.

Since Roan was on the scene and had his acid with him, it is probable that Gary's body was never found and he simply disappeared.