This article is about a rank. You may be looking for The Guardian, an episode in season 1 or Guardians, an episode in season two.

A Guardian is a rank within Division held by highly-trained agents. They guard Percy's black boxes, which are usually hidden in almost impenetrable, high-security bank vaults.

Guardians are normally based around the area of where the vault is, and usually adapt to local life.



In the past, Division had special drugs called the Regimen for the Guardians to take to increase their performance majorly. This part of the program was withdrawn as many became addicted, a good example of this being Owen Elliot. Percy managed to keep a stock for the Guardians and identified scientists who can produce more of the drug.

All Guardians were once Cleaners or Reapers, not to mention they all have advanced agent training in combat, weapons, driving, electronics, cryptography and many other unique areas.

The Guardians' purpose is to keep Percy alive and safe from the United States Government. If they had Percy killed, they were to upload the black boxes and ruin the reputation of the United States. In the event they captured him to prevent this, they were to break him out.

Known Guardians