Season 1, Episode 18
Episode 18
Air date April 14, 2011
Written by Albert Kim
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt
Girl's Best Friend

Into the Dark is the eighteenth episode of Season One and the series.


Nikita and Owen go to London to retrieve one of Division's black boxes, but when he tells Nikita he plans on releasing its contents to the public, Nikita disagrees. Owen turns on her. Meanwhile in Division, Percy finds out that Nikita is in London and sends Michael to kill her. Amanda overhears Jaden arguing with Alex about the escape tunnels and hooks Alex up to a lie detector to get the truth from her once and for all.


Main Cast

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Memorable Quotes

  • Owen: "Nikita, I never apologized for Daniel. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
  • Nikita: "Do you realize I'm your nurse a lot? You're unconscious half the time we're together."
  • Nikita: "Thanks for not taking the shot."
    Michael: "I still don't like the guy."
  • Michael: "The black box is destroyed. That's the second one she's gotten to. Perhaps you should re think your black box strategy?"
    Percy: "Perhaps."
  • Guardian: "Give me the box."
    Owen: "Give me your blood."
    Guardian: "I'd die for no reason."
  • Alex: "Are you still recommending me for cancellation?"
    Amanda: "No."
    Birkhoff: "Lie."


Featured Music

  • I will follow you into the dark - Death cab for cutie

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