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Kathleen Spencer
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  • Alive
  • President of the United States (Season 3-Present)
  • Vice President of the United States (Season 2)

Kathleen Spencer is the current President of the United States. With Division now under direct supervision of the United States government, she communicated directly with Ryan Fletcher, the former Director of Division.

Season Two

Kathleen Spencer served as the Vice President of the United States under President Charles Grayson. However, when the latter's presidency was destroyed as a result of the actions of Percival Rose and Division, Spencer succeeded Grayson as the President.

Season Three

Spencer made a deal with Ryan Fletcher that spared Division on the condition that Ryan clean up Percy's mess. In the case that Ryan fails, however, Spencer will order the United States Military to destroy Division and terminate all of their agents.

Kathleen in a cage

In "Til Death Do Us Part", it is revealed that Kathleen was captured by The Invisible Hand in "High-Value Target" and was replaced by a double, in order to frame Nikita for her murder.

Season Four

In Pay-Off, during a raid in one of The Group's compounds, Nikita and her group saved her, thus preventing World War III and clearing Nikita's name. Amanda's double was the only known casualty in the missile attack that hit the building by order of Nikita to prevent the missiles from striking the US soil.

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