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Kelly is a former Division agent who, after being captured and imprisoned in Turkey became an agent for Gogol.


Kelly was, described by Michael, quiet when she first came to Division before bonding with Nikita. However, Kelly was secretly jealous of Nikita for how she was better and could bat her eyelashes at Michael. They eventually became partners in the field. But in 2007, when on a mission near the Turkish-Armenian borders, Nikita fakes her death to escape Division. Kelly tried to complete the mission and got shot. Officially, she was logged as KIA by Division. Unofficially, Kelly was captured and locked in a Turkish prison.

Season Two

By 2011, Kelly was approached by Ari Tasarov of Gogol, who arranged for her escape in order to lure Nikita out of hiding, in exchange for acquiring the Black Box she had in her possession. While her old partner was busy trying to smuggle her out of Turkey, Kelly played the long con until she could reach Nikita's safehouse. When they were pursued by Roan and Alex, Kelly found it strange for Nikita to spare the latter. After they jumped off a train and made it to a restaurant, Kelly stole a phone and called Ari to inform him of this development. Ari then changed her orders to capture Alex. Kelly then proceeded to puncture the tire of a car Nikita stole so that her target would catch up to them. However, Nikita discovered the sabotage and the phone being used by Gogol to track their position. Nikita then forced Kelly into the trunk of the car. Kelly later escaped, either by her own volition or with help from Gogol and captured Alex and attempted to force Nikita to surrender. When Michael arrived, Kelly was about to shoot Alex when Nikita kills Kelly instead.