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Jeffery Pierce


Deceased (Killed by Alex in 3.0)

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Field Agent

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One of the Dirty Thirty

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One of the New Division's Dirty Thirty. Martin was a rougue Division agent operating in China.

In 3.0

At the beginning of the episode Martin is seen causing a man to have a heart attack using a blood toxin. I turns out that that he was a member of the CIA planted into Chinese high society as part of an intelligence ring. Martin having knowledge of all the planted members of the CIA is killing them one by one for profit from the Chinese government.

After failing to respond to the Division recall, Martin is targeted by Michael and Nikita. Upon them meeting Martin flees and attempts to take out another one of his targets. The target is saved by Nikita. In return, Martin revealed Michael's status as a spy to the MSS, who attempt to secure custody of Michael, who was in jail, framed for a murder Martin committed. He demanded that Nikita stay out of his way if she wants Michael to be released.

However, Nikita took the MSS director hostage and Michael busted out of jail. Martin was viewing all this from a sniper's perch, ready to kill Michael, only to be held at gunpoint by Alex. When he went for his handgun, Alex shot him dead.


  • He was the first member of the Dirty Thirty to be taken out by New Division.
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