Mirko Dadich
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Mirko Dadich was formerly a Serbian dictator, before he was exiled from his country for war crimes.


He was caught in New York City in 2008 by the FBI, but not before stashing a GPS needed to locate his stockpile of Uranium in a subway locker. However, Division negotiated him out of prison on a a prosecution mistrial. In exchange for his uranium, Division would help Dadich return to power in six months. In the meantime, Dadich requested some "entertainment", which Percy provided in the form of Alex, as a call girl. Dadich tried forcing himself upon her, which caused Michael to punch him. At the same time, a group of mercenaries, led Hanna Cushko, daughter of Dadich's lead scientist on his nuclear program whom he executed, captured him. Hanna forced Dadich to lead her to the GPS so she can sell the uranium. Nikita stole the GPS just after they acquired it before a Division team came in and killed all the mercenaries. Dadich requested that he'd be allowed to finish off a wounded Hanna. However, Michael shot him in the head after Percy declared him a liability. Officially, Dadich was portrayed attempting an act of terrorism. However, a CIA analyst named Ryan Fletcher became suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Dadich's death.


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