Morgan Kendrick
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Brian Howe

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Dead Drop

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Black Badge



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Morgan Kendrick was a CIA director. Morgan Kendrick was a loyal friend and co-worker of Ryan ,one of Nikita's partners and New Division head.

Season Two

Before Percy's Death, it was revealed in Dead Drop that during Kendrick's surgery for a pace-maker Percy implanted a Kill chip near his heart. Leaving Kendrick in a life or death situation he has to work for Percy to save himself. However Nikita saves Morgan, which ends in his appreciation and willingness to help take down Percy at any cost.

In Crossbow, Kendrick, along with Ryan, try to convince the President of the existence of Division.

Season Three

In Black Badge, Naomi, a Gogol agent undercover as a CIA detective, comes across a file detailing Madeline Pierce ’s involvement with Division and turns it over to the Director of the CIA, Morgan Kendrick. Thereafter Kendrick agrees to meet with Nikita for a coverup but is killed on his way to her by a car bomb.


Season 2
Season 3

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