New Division

New Division (was sometimes known as Dead Squad or President's Death Squad) was the second and final iteration of the Division organization. The organization was directly under the supervision of the President of the United States and was headed by CIA Agent Ryan Fletcher. New Division had 300 employees. After Division Mutiny members took over, 8 members were killed, 278 left, and 14 stayed. Soon after Ryan told everybody to go. The only members left were: Ryan, Nikita, Alex, Michael, Birkhoff, Sonya and Cyrus. Currently Division is officially terminated and the compound destroyed.

A New Mission

Compared with the former Division that performed atrocities in the name of defense under the leadership of corrupted government officials (known as Oversight) and other operatives, Division's current primary mission is to clean up the mess created by Percival Rose, its former leader and co-founder.

As part of this mission, Division is tasked with bringing in all agents who failed to report in after being recalled. These rogue agents are known as the Dirty Thirty.

While still a government agency that "does not exist", Ryan Fletcher receives direct instruction from the President. However, the President warns that if Division is exposed, she will have no choice but to destroy it. However, after Division conducts an assassination sanctioned by the President, they have been once again en-charged with conducting government operations.

Notable New Division Members

This is a listing of Division Members and their roles held during the "New Division" time period.  For roles prior to this period please see the Notable Division Members page or go to the character's main page.



  • Alexandra Udinov - Field Agent
  • Cyrus - Field Agent
  • Owen Elliot - Field Agent
  • Sean Pierce - Field Agent
  • Mia - Field Agent
  • Rachel - Field Agent
  • Chris - Field Agent
  • Jason - Field Agent
  • Peter - Field Agent
  • Basil - Field Agent
  • Paul - Field Agent 


  • Seymour Birkhoff - Head Technician
  • Sonya - Technician
  • Sammy - Technician
  • Jen - Technician
  • Sermus - Technician

- designates deceased