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Nikolai Udinov was a wealthy Oil company owner and Alex's father. He greatly struggled to ensure that his daughter take over his company Zetrov, even banning her from listening to music. He was targeted by Division in Russia. The hit on him was successful, he was shot and killed by Nikita.


Before operation Pale Fire he was the owner of Zetrov, during the course of the series, he was teaching Alex,about life how to look out for herself, what it take so she can take over Zetrov an the future. Nikolai was a good friend with Sergei Semak, who was his right hand man trusted him, however Semak betrayed him, when he collaborated with Division and ordered the hit on Nikolai and his family, which led to operation Pale Fire where Division infiltrated the mansion setting it on fire, when Katya was presumed to be shoot, he took Alex to her room and tried to protect her while confronting the shooters, however he got killed by Nikita before pulling the trigger. Alex watched her father die ,as Nikita saves Alex from the whole ordeal.

The series

-all in flashback scenes

  • He was first seen in "Free". He was teaching Alex to to make fire and how to survive.
  • In "Alexandra" he told Alex that one day Zetrov will be hers.
  • In "Echoes" he appeared in Alex's dream. In the dream she saw herself as an Zetrov heiress.
  • In "Betrayals" Percy showed Alex a video filmed by Sergei Semak. He also appeared in a flashback during the Operation Pale Fire.
  • In "Pandora" his death scene was shown from Nikita's point of view.
  • In "Guardians" he was seen walking with Sergei Semak.
  • In "Pale Fire" he was seen with his wife and daughter in the kitchen.


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