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Oversight was a group of U.S. government officials who oversaw Division. They were also known to the higher ups of the CIA.


It is unknown when it was founded, but its primary objective is to control Division.

It was mentioned for the first time in "Dark Matter" when it was revealed that John Fleder works for them.

The first members were seen in "Pandora" when Percy met with Madeline Pierce, Bruce Winnick and Edward Adams. In the and Alex met all the members of Oversight.

In "Game Change" Madeline decided at the meeting that somebody should be blamed for the Basra Heist, so she ordered that one of Oversight members (Edward Adams) should take the blame and kill himself.

By "Clean Sweep", Oversight is effectively destroyed when Senator Madeline Pierce becomes the sole survivor, allowing Division to officially go rogue. Though sometime later, Madeline herself is killed in a car bomb set up by a psychopathic arms dealer, Nicholas Brandt, leaving Oversight extinct.