Season 1, Episode 22
Episode 22
Air date May 12, 2011
Written by Craig Silverstein
Directed by Ken Fink
Game Change

Pandora is the twenty-second episode of Season One and the series. It is also a season finale.


Percy makes a move to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael gets trapped inside Division making him unable to help Nikita, who may have to pay with her life for helping Alex.


Main Cast

Recurring cast

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Memorable Quotes

  • Percy: "Covenant? Wow. I knew this was a 'come-to-Jesus' meeting, but covenant? That's old testimony."
  • Michael: "You're not stupid, Birkhoff. You're just a coward."
  • Percy: "Off to Oversight. Off to see the wizards."
  • Percy: "There might be hope for little miss Udinov after all."
  • Nikita: "The future is what I'm worried about."
  • Michael: "You know, I'm really sick of people saying that you're dead."
  • Nikita: "My orders were to kill your whole family. I saved you. It was the first time I defied Division."
  • Michael: "Paging special agent Nikki, please proceed to the nearest phone and dial 626."
  • Birkhoff: "I figure if Nikita can keep giving Division the finger I can at least cross mine behind my back."
  • Amanda: "I'm not going to hold onto you like I held onto Nikita."
  • Nikita: "Ah! You're useless!"
  • Nikita: "You were never that far away."


Featured Music

  • Runaway - Yeah Yeah Yeahs


  • The title is a reference to Pandora, a character from Greek mythology, who opened Pandora's box, a box which contained all the evils in the world.
  • George Haddad was nominated for an Emmy in the category Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series for this episode, but he lost it to "Boardwalk Empire" [1]


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