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Patrick Miller was a Division Guardian.

Season Two

In "London Calling" he received a message from Percy to activate the second protocol.

In "Guardians", he lost the black box to Nikita, who then lost it to the police after Miller and Nikita got arrested. While on the road, Gogol attacked the police, launching a rocket at the van Miller and Nikita were being held. Both survived the attack and Miller escaped while Michael was rescuing Nikita and Owen. Ari Tasaraov took the box from him.

In "Pale Fire" Patrick was present during the Guardian meeting in Amsterdam. He showed his ID to Tim and Michael (who pretended to be a guardian). Michael activated the bomb and destroyed two of the black boxes.

In "Sanctuary" Patrick and Tim infiltrated the location of Oversight, quickly killed the guards and captured the remaining members of the Oversight, so that he can blackmail Amanda into releasing Percy from his prison.

In "Clean Sweep" after Nikita captured Percy Percy told him via phone to kill all members of the Oversight except Madeline. He killed Roger Trenton, Phillip Ramsey and Bruce Winnick. After Gogol's agents attacked the compound he was forced to fight with them and Nikita's team. He saved Percy and two two escaped the scene. The two reunited with Roan, who removed his tracking chip earlier.

In "Rogue"...

In "Doublecross" he kidnapped and killed multiple Division agents to pressure Amanda. He got confronted by Nikita and managed to injure her during her fight, before he fled the scene. killed by Nikita by getting impaled by a long steel pipe. 


As a Guardian Patrick was a highly skilled operator. With just one partner he was able to take out multiple guards and capture Oversight. He was particularly skilled with knives and carried multiple of them on his person.



  • He bears an Irish accent, assuming that he was recruited in Ireland.

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