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Phillip Jones  was one of the high ranked members of The Invisible Hand and former CFO of M.D.K. Industries.


Season Two

He appeared in "Shadow Walker" when Percy approached him in the gallery and inquired to join his group. He told Percy he needed to prove himself first.

In "Crossbow"...

In "Homecoming" Percy did just that when he made the then-President of the United States give up his endorsement in a peace treaty, which cost him his presidency.

Season Three

Later in "Invisible Hand" he was with Amanda in Kobalt River watcing Loren Tolcher's experiment. In "Til Death Do Us Part" he and Amanda were discussing about the organization and about the president still being alive.

Season Four

In "Wanted" he talked with Amanda in M.D.K. Office in Dubai about Nikita crossing the border and how Alex destroyed their three facilities in the last two months. Later he ordered Matthew Graham's double to kill Dale Gordon with an explosive.

After the destruction of M.D.K. Office in Dubai he was taken to an unknown location.

After Ryan and the rest of Team Nikita were debriefed, Ryan wanted to speak to him. He was brought to an interrogation room within the prison. He was trying to dig for the truth just as one of Mr. Jones' men, and undercover Shop agent knocked out Ryan and he was brought to Amanda where he killed himself to get word back to Nikita about his bubble he created for Nikita. 

Shortly after the death of Ryan Fletcher, he was being transported, possibly to leave the prison. Nikita caught up with him, got the names for the other Main shop members, brought him to a more secure prison. Shortly after, Amanda and the other members joined him.


Season 2
Season 3
Season 4



  • In La Femme Nikita, Mr. Jones was the head of Center (the shop), the organization that controls Section (Oversight), and Nikita's father. He was played by Edward Woodward.
  • He was the only non-main character who appeared in all of the episodes in the fourth season.

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