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Portrayed by

Jessica Camacho

First Appeared

Tipping Point

Last Appeared

Broken Home


Deceased, by Alex

Division Rank

Field Agent

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Rachel is a part of Division Mutiny. She believes that Division is being run by an inner circle who doesn't care about any ones futures. Ideas that she shares with Alexandra Udinov. She is tired of the side mission being completed by Michael and Nikita Mears.

After she is caught and while being interrogated by Ryan and Alex, she accidentally reveals that Alex is the actual leader of the rebellion. She then egs Alex on to shoot Ryan.

Division Record

According to Michael Rachel did have an outstanding Division record. With 5 sanctioned solo kills, 7 missions as team leader, all clean successes. Her last mission in Madrid went awry when a member of her ex fill squad got hit. Her orders were to leave him but she went back to save him anyways. She got caught in the cross fire and spent 3 months in medical recovering from the bullet wounds.

Was shot and killed by Alex in "Broken Home"



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