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Ramon Esquivel was an international terrorists with major anti-American sentiments.

In Paris, 2007, Ramon was about to make his next hit, when he was confronted by Nikita, whom he assumed to be CIA. After exchanging words, Nikita rendered Ramon unconscious. But rather than outright kill him, Nikita turns him into Division. There, Percy told Ramon that he'd be taking credit for kills on behalf of Division. When Ramon demanded that he be the one to perform the kills, Percy shot him in the spine, rendering Ramon a paraplegic.

Season Two

For the past four years, Ramon is forced to hide out in a Division safehouse in Colombia, making videos pertaining to Division targets after they are assassinated. When he made his latest one on Anton Kochenko, he was confronted by Nikita once again, whom he blamed for his predicament. He tried to escape but was stopped halfway by Nikita. However, Division under Amanda's administration, decided to cut Ramon loose so that no one could learn about his work for the government. Amanda commanded Nikita to kill Ramon in exchange for her not destroying the safehouse Michael is trapped in. Ramon goads Nikita into finishing the mission she started long ago but she refuses and races to the safehouse to save Michael. A repentant Ramon then decides to call Michael to inform him of the safehouse's escape tunnel.

Season Four

Shortly after the destruction of his home, The Shop contacts him. They offer him the use of his legs again if he works for them. He accepts. They restore his ability to walk and also gave him some upgrades to his mobility (ie. enhanced durability, flexability, and speed) and he became a member of their group for over two years.

Two years later in Pakistan, he had a brutal encounter with Michael and attempted to get into his head by asking him what price he paid for that new hand and it wasn't fair that Nikita paid a bigger price than he did. But despite his good points, Michael was detrimed to finish the mission. Ramon would fight back and try to Kill Michael, but ultimately Michael would shoot him in the chest, killing him.


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