Recruit is lowest rank in Division and altough later shift in rank is possible, years as recruit usually determine rank for the rest of the career.



Length of training differs, however all of recruits must acquire the same basic skills. Those include but are not restricted to:

  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Weapon assembly and use
  • Tactics
  • Survival Evasion Resistance Escape
  • Infiltration
  • To be able to merge with every social enviroment is key skill for every agent.
  • Explosives and Demilition
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Basic computer skills include hacking lowe-secured computers
  • Birkhoff mentions that in his classes he taught that copy machines havehard drive
  • Languages and etiquette
  • It is not exactly not which languages are taught and most probably it is different to individual agents.
  • Most often heard are Russian and French
  • Nikita used even such languages as Polish and Czech.

Recruits spend most of their time by such training since there is nothing else for them to do, altough they are allowed to use computers this use is monitored.

Better recruits can end their basic training after one year. Most recruits then have to pass their graduation which usually means acomplish mission and kill target.

Possible exceptions

It is highly probable that not all recruited people are actually made recruits. It is clear path to take with young people, small time criminals, junkies and other that can end up in Division. However some Division agents were recruited for example from the military and as such it is much easier to make them either trainers or use them as their expertise allows then to force them whole training.

Concerning techs, those are probably recruited for their skills from outside world rather than hoping some former junkie will prove to be genius level technician.

After graduation

Paths possibly taken by successful recruit are these:

  • Guard - are not forced to undergo graduation
  • Field Agent - most numerous group
  • Cleaner - elite agents of Division
  • Tech - probably not usual path for recruit

Known recruits