Guard Robbie
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Bug Hall


Deceased, by Sean

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Guard (former)
Cleaner (promotion)

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Robbie was a Division agent, desiring to become a field agent to see the world, rather seeing it for the more James Bond type of image. When he is told he has finished his recruit program, he is overjoyed.

Season One

Alex later finds him, and he tells her that they have promoted him to guard. Robbie hates this, and says that he is just a "baby-sitter". Guard work takes its toll eventually, and Robbie resorts to shooting the guards who teased him on being unsettled in his new position. Robbie shoots the other guards that worked there, taking advantage of the element of shock and surprise. When all recruits are evacuated, Alex sneaks back to find Robbie. She tries offering to sneak him out of Division through the secret exit no one else knows about. However, before she could, the other recruits corner Robbie, forcing him to take Alex hostage. Regretfully, Alex had to taser and punch him a few times in order to subdue him.

Though the recruits are informed that Robbie has been executed, he was in fact alive. Amanda informs him that his surprising outburst has left space on their new "cleaner program".

In "Crossbow" , Robbie returns as a full-fledged Cleaner. He acquires the motherboards Percy needs to control an old satellite built initially for SDI (Regan's "Star Wars" program). He is killed by Sean after running into Alex and Sean. He always said he wanted to die for Division. It was worth dying for.


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