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Sara watching her son Daniel before leaving to start a new life

Sara was a Division recruit.

Season One

Assumed to be the weakest of her group, she was chosen for a suicide mission by Percy. Officially, she was told by Amanda that she would be taking down an eco-terrorist group. Unofficially, she was wearing a vest laced with nanobombs to kill a protestors group. She was saved by Nikita, whom tried to help her out. Sara managed to get the drop on Nikita and tried forcing her to go back to Division, only to be knocked out. Getting Sara to a safehouse, she showed her the video recording made by Amanda that was suppose to make the protest group and Sara look like terrorists and is able to convince her of the evil of Division. But we soon learn that Sara was a "problem child" after having a son at an early age. We then learn that her parents forced her to give the child up for adoption. Nikita later tracks her by paying a visit to the man who arranged this adoption, and has to quickly escort her away from where Sara's son lives as Division soon arrive on the scene. When they are cornered, Nikita claims to Michael that he just kill Sara. She then had Sara lay down suppressing fire against Michael's team while she flanked them. As Michael was called back to Division on a Code Black, he "claims" to have seen Sara's body as Nikita drove away, thus faking her death. Afterwards, Nikita allowed Sara to glimpse her son before taking her to her new life.

Her son has the same name as Nikita's ex-fiance, Daniel.


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