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  • Deceased (Shot by Alex)
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Thom was a Division Field Agent. He was determined to prove himself at Division.  He was accidentally shot and killed by Alex in "All The Way" and framed as the mole. He appeared in Alex's vision in "Free".

In Division


Thom is first met in Pilot. He is Division Recruit for one year and is preparing himself for his first mission. After he interruptes potentional fight between Alex and Jaden he proves much more friendly person than Jaden and altough he is stressed because of his first mission, he quickly befriends Alex.

His first mission is operation Black Arrow of which he wants to say nothing to Jaden altough she is persistent and even had already found out some information from his materials about mission. He is doing good until arrival of Nikita and is knocked unconscious after short fight. His first mission later was to kill a Russian spy Anna Harcourt which was his first "kill mission" .

Field Agent

Thom's Second mission was to protect Senator Jack in Phoenix. While Nikita needed an anti dote, cause she got poisoned by Ari Tasarov. Alex puts a anti dote in Thom's pocket, while she was kissing him. Alex told Nikita that the anti dote is in Thom's pocket. While fighting with Nikita, Thom got knocked on the floor, and Nikita took the anti dote.


Thom was easy-going and even friendly, at least to Alex. He does not revel in killing as some Agents do, but rather actually belives that Division offers him second chance and opportunity to serve his country.


Thom was a skilled student and was accepted to become a field agent and perform missions. Despite being just a recruit Thom was highly skilled in hand to hand combat. During his first assignment he fought Nikita and nearly defeated her. He landed numerous blows before he was knocked out.


Alex- Her closest friend inside Division from beginning, Thom later tried to pursue more romantic relationship with Alex. His death hit her deeply, especially since she was involved.

Jaden- There is implied that Thom and Jaden had relationship of sexual nature and he definitely cared for her, although he sometime seemed to be tired of her behavior.


Season 1



  • Of all the main characters, he makes the least number of appearances throughout the series.

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