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  • Deceased, killed by Gogol
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Tim was a Division agent and a guardian who guarded one of Percy's black boxes.

Season Two

In "Pale Fire" he had a meeting in Amsterdam, with the other two Guardians, Patrick Miller and Michael (who pretended to be a Guardian). When he got busted that he isn't a Guardian he destroys both Tim's and Jeff's black box and runs into the car with Owen Elliot

In "Sanctuary", Patrick Miller and some other men took the remaining members of the Oversight a hostage and blackmailed Amanda into setting Percy free.

In "Clean Sweep" he though he has hear something outside. He was right. One of Oversight guards was alive so he shot him. Tim was present when Patrick Miller killed Roger Trenton, Bruce Winnick and Phillip Ramsey. Gogol agents attacked the compound and he was forced to fight with them. One of the agents killed Tim.


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