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(Shot by Michael in Innocence)



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Wade, a Percy loyalist who will stop at nothing to carry out a mission - he even kidnapped an 8-year-old girl and has been training her, physically and mentally, for five years to help him complete his task. Obviously, Nikita isn't exactly a fan of his methods.

According to Michael, he was the head Division Trainer and he had perfect score with his recruits. One day a recruit failed his kill mission, causing Wade to fly into a rage over the loss of his perfect record and beat the recruit to death. Percy reassigned him to field work, his undercover job being a travel agent for honeymooners and replaced him with Michael.

Having failed to respond to the New Division recall, Wade was one of the Dirty Thirty, abandoning his cover job. Having obsessed over his last recruit's failure, Wade trained Liza Abbott, a girl he had kidnapped in 2010, to steal an unstable explosive compound, infiltrate the Pakistani consulate as part of the child choir during the NATO event and use the explosives to kill a high-ranking Pakistani official. Wade maintained surveillance from an abandoned building, his autogun holding off Michael, until Birkhoff hacked and turned it against him. Left to defend himself, Wade threatened Liza to detonate the explosive, but Nikita coaxed her back to her real self and she defied him by crushing her earpiece with her foot, causing Wade to become distracted on his end, allowing Michael to shoot him in the chest. Lying on the ground, Wade asks Michael who's Nikita. Michael answers, "my recruit".


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