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Zetrov is the company owned by the Russian oligarch Udinov family. Alex (who was the one who named the company) was intended as the sole heiress when her father Nikolai Udinov died, but was sold as a sex slave when her family is killed, unable to take the chance of becoming a rich and influential oligarch. Alex was told from an early age that, as the only child of Nikolai, she would one day inherit the whole of Zetrov.

In "Echoes" it is shown that Alex is terrified of taking of Zetrov and becoming power-mad and a tyrant. In this episode, she is running from a form of herself that she could one day become. This form of herself later attempts to shoot her potential family of Nathan and their daughter. She has no intention, at that point, to return to Russia and become head of Zetrov in her father's place.


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Because of their ownership of Zetrov, the Udinovs became popular and influential with the people of Russia, and a household name.

In "Power" Ilya Levkin became the new CEO of Zetrov.

It is implied that Zetrov is an energy and multi-media conglomerate.

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